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Neon Zigzag Kaleidoscope Wallpaper  90s zigzag neon kaleidoscope circles squares triangles vibrant retro doodle wash acid dye geometric abstract pattern doodle-art acid-wash tie-dye
Neon Zigzag Kaleidoscope Wallpaper  minimalist monochrome symmetrical contemporary grunge trendy bohemian hand-drawn retro-futuristic geometric shapes mesmerizing pop art glitch optical illusion kaleidoscopic abstract art psychedelic art bold colors 3d space age futuristic vibrant colors textile design color blocking abstract shapes digital art mixed media retro-modern vintage-inspired contemporary design artistic edgy

Wallpaper Neon Zigzag Kaleidoscope

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Size: 72cm x 274cm / 28" x 108"

Size: 72cm x 274cm / 28" x 108"
72cm x 274cm / 28" x 108"
72cm x 366cm / 28" x 144"
72cm x 30cm / 28" x 12"

Type: Peel and Stick Polyester

Type: Peel and Stick Polyester
Peel and Stick Polyester
Peel and Stick Vinyl
Traditional Non Woven Paper
Prepasted Non Woven Paper

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    This design image showcases a vibrant and retro-inspired combination of geometric patterns, featuring circles, triangles, squares, and zigzag elements. It has a 90s psychedelic vibe with a touch of vintage and hipster appeal, creating a visually captivating and unique abstract piece reminiscent of tie-dye and acid-wash patterns.

    Peel & Stick Wallpaper

    it has an adhesive backing, so no additional glue is required,meaning all you have to do is soak the wallpaper in water and apply it! Installation is easy and can be done without professional assistance, saving time and money.


    Self Adhesive Wallpaper

    also known as peel and stick wallpaper, is simple. It works like a big sticker - peel off the backside and attach it to the surface!

    Traditional Wallpaper

    means that it has to be installed using a special type of glue (not included), and the result is permanent.


    Vinyl Wallpaper

    ensures that your wallpaper will last for years to come - it lasts longer due to its durability and waterproof material that is resistant to wear and tear and the wallpaper has a ''canvas-like'' texture to it. The adhesive backing makes installation a breeze – simply peel and stick onto any smooth, flat surface. No special tools or glues required!

    Quality Control

    Our Print experts control the print quality, cutting accuracy and check how well the final item is packaged. This way we are sure that every wallpaper is shipped in perfect condition.