What is a Profit Share Token?

A Profit Share Token represents a digital asset that allows its holders to have a direct stake in the generated profits from a specific design. By owning this token, they become investors, regularly receiving 1% - 33% of the profits from the sale of one design, in proportion to the number of tokens they possess.

What you get

Unique Creations: Each O'Clap Token signifies a limited design exclusively available to the holders of these 33 tokens worldwide.

Passive Income Opportunities: Owning an O'Clap Token not only grants you access to exclusive designs but also a 1% profit share with every sale of a product featuring your selected design. The more you promote your design, the higher your passive income grows!

Limited Availability: With only 33 tokens available per design, we ensure a restricted availability to guarantee that each token holder enjoys a unique and exclusive experience.

Global Community: Join a creative community that crafts and promotes unique designs worldwide. Share your passion while simultaneously earning from your individual style.

How it works:

Acquire Tokens: Obtain your exclusive O'Clap Profit Share Token, securing access to a unique design.

Promote Design: Boost your profit share by actively promoting your selected design. Utilize social media, blogs, and other platforms to maximize the visibility of your design.

Passive Income: Relax and experience continuous passive income as your exclusive design successfully sells. Each sale automatically brings you a 1% profit share per token. As we consistently introduce new products with the same design, your passive income grows with the expansion of our product offerings.

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